Motorised revolving door

Motorised revolving doors for high profile buildings with saftey torque sensing.Simultaneous authorised entry and exit, in both directions, are electronically controllable.

The range includes two models :

Gyrosec: GyroSec is a motorised security revolving door. Equipped with a high security detection system.

It is able to detect the shape of the person passing and ensures a single passage when authorisation has been given from the access control system.

Its detection system allows the passage in both directions at the same time, maintaining a high security level at all times.

Available in different finishes and diameters, it will match any environment.

Gyropass: GyroPass is an environmental motorised revolving door.

The GyroPass includes a UPS, LED down lights, vocal synthesiser and one tablet with Wi-Fi connection to the unit logic for control and settings adjustment

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